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  get a polygraph test in Canoga Park or Woodland Hills  low prices and affordable rates for Los Angeles Polygraph  Prices at polygraph tests are $145 in Los Angeles  the real truth about polygraphs in thr L.A. area

tv POLYGRAPHpolygraph test   polygraph examiner   polygraph tstingPolygraph TV
Examiners - Polygraph Examiner Certification Los Angeles area- Examinations

A complete certified computerizedAt polygraph tests are $145 in Los Angelespolygraph examination

IMMEDIATE Pass or Fail computerized polygraph examination results All relationship & business exams are available to the public!

discount polygraph tests los angeles county  polygraph results immediately in Los Angeles     

Polygraph examination in Los Angeles area for lowest price   John Grogan Polygraph  the most experienced polygraph examiner in Los Angeles

weekend polygraph Riverside  complete polygaph testing in Riverside CA

lie-detector test in the San Fernando Valley

No names are required
  Confidential polygraph test in Los Angeles  if you so choose.

818 883-6969

Victorville polygraphPolygraph prices in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

     With more than 700 media situations!   
polygraph testing fully available to the public

Los Angeles Times polygraph
                   new york times polygraph

where to pay less for a Los Angeles area polygraph test

schedule a polygraph test Monday through Sunday in Beverly Hillslie-detector testing for the public


When we cut our price by about 60%, from almost $400
down to $145 for a computerized polygraph examination,
we made lie-detector tests affordable for many people who
otherwise never could have paid the old double-plus price.

Instead of being fair to customers and lowering to an affordable price,
some examiners choose instead to lie with 'Pay more and the test is better'.

We all use computer polygraph, and, oh yeah:    <<< (secret)
the computer polygraph doesn't know what you paid!
It's the same test for a dollar or for a thousand dollars.

The best polygraph examiner in Los Angeles is John Grogan We are PCSOT Sex Offender testing experts!

Our polygraph exams have been used in court.

caselaw for use of Los Angeles polygraph tests for legal proceedingsAs evidence in court, polygraph in Los Angeles is available admitting polygraph as evidence in Los Angeles area courtrooms

Polygraph John Grogan

polygraph test results John Grogan the lies!

A. We observe microscopic changes at 4 key points
of the body while you answer a set of Yes/No questions.

B. You write the up to 4 questions of importance to be used during the test.

C. You write the key questions, they must be Yes or No answerable,
3 to 15 words long each, and use no 'ands', no 'ors', no 'commas'.

D. Being mad or nervous does not change the results--
we can detect the difference between those or actual lying.

E. The first part, the 'Pre-Test', is where questions are
developed and discussed, and the entire process is discussed.

This is the longest part of the test, but many don't want you to know this:
much of this Part E can be done at home and/or by phone
ahead of time, making the in-office time much less.

F. The 'In-Test' portion (where your arm is squeezed with a
blood-pressure cuff, you answering the questions while sitting still)

is basically three 5-minute periods separated by short breaks.

G. If you are the client, insist on being able to silently observe all portions.
Unless you interupt, honest examiners can arrange complete observation

818 883-6969 Attorneys hire us to show that other exams were done wrong

polygraph testing for relationship cheating in Los Angeles

It's always best to test at a polygraph examiner's office.
Los Angeles mobile polygraph service
If you can't, ask us about mobile polygraph test availability.
It costs more, but sometimes travel is not an option. Our honest information and prices are appreciated daily!

818 883-6969   polygraph test California   polygraph test Venice

price for a California lie-detector test

The #1 most-requested
type of polygraph test is

   written price quote on a polygraph test near Los Angeles     need a price quote for a Los Angeles polygraph test
Infidelity (cheating in a relationship)

Polygraph test Irvine

Or choose from other examiners with different specialties,
More than one polygraph examiner available in the Los Angeles area
experience levels, areas, specialties and/or availablities

Fontana polygraphRiverside polygraph
Victorville polygraph testSan Bernardino polygraph

It's your choice!

A.quietly watch the polygraph exam -or-  B. writtem polygraph report no charge for a written polygraph report  
Either A. watch the test as it occurs, or B. a free written report!

client for polygraph in Los Angeles Culver City polygraph


Click HERE to learn the equipment secret that TWO
polygraph examiners badly do NOT want you to know!

Click HERE to learn the bribe secret that FIVE
polygraph examiners badly do NOT want you to know!
Click HERE to learn price, time, report, & location secrets that NINE
polygraph examiners badly do NOT want you to know!

Charging $145, we don't gouge you-- and that makes some other examiners VERY mad!

polygraph San Fernandopolygraph test Sherman Oakspolygraph test van nuys

Polygraph price secrets!

polygraph test Santa Monica   Polygraph prices Los Angeles and Ventura
price on a polygraph test woodland hills

Polygraph price secrets!

Polygraph test Costa Mesa

polygraph San Fernandopolygraph test Sherman Oakspolygraph test van nuys

818 883-6969

Los Angeles polygraph examination certified examiner   Television reality shows that use polygraph tests

lie-detection testing in Culver City Some other Examiners are mad we share the real info with you

polygraph Inglewood

Yes, we are on TV more than all other examiners combined--
but much of our TV polygraph work is also off-camera.
lie-detection television program    polygraph test Canoga Park

Some persons who want to be contestants on TV shows will lie
about their true background or other related required items.

MANY television producers use us to do sensitive due-diligence
lie-detector tests on potential contestants to verify their information.

Burbank polygraph test     We STOP the phony stories.     Glendale polygraph test

polygraph test Fontana CA

Not one polygraph test type is right for everybody.

There are Federal guidelines we must follow.

But there are also not all polygraph testing is the same in Los Angeles.

They add some cost. These include: late night testing,
Spanish and Russian polygraph testing,
mobile polygraph testing, and second-test discounts.

client for polygraph in Los Angelespolygraph test for steroids

Affordable Certified Polygraph Examinations for $145,
29 years experience, Training & Lectures Nationwide since the 1980s

Verified lowest price on Los Angeles polygraph testLos Angeles polygraph exam in one hour  

$400 or $145, it's the same test :  John Grogan Polygraph Expert  : 29 years of polygraph experience

Valencia Newhall polygraph test We have done polygraph tests for more
television shows than all other polygraph examiners combined!

John is the National Director
for Requests and Assignments
nationwide referral request for polygraph innocence project help
Polygraph Innocence Project

TV polygraph is real if testd prior to recreation

More than 7000 completed examinations -
Fully trained & experienced in all Federal lie-detection techniques

Los Angeles lie-detection testing at night

Most standard in-office computerized polygraph
examinations for relationship & infidelity are from $145

818 883-6969   Call for polygraph questions and answers SCRAM anklet false-positive? Polygraph testing is available.

learn polygraph from working polygraph examiners  Only trust a polygraph exam if you get to watch it


client for polygraph in Los Angeleswhere to do a polygraph test in San Fernando Valley

We use techniques that are approved by American Polygraph
Association, PEOA, ASTM, Federal Training, local police and more

Polygraph Association Polygraph Examiners Of America       member of ASTM polygraph        nationwide American Polygraph Academy

Honest polygraph examiner in my area

At $145, we are your safeguard from against using
fraudulent examiners- inexperienced examiners- overpriced examiners

locate a Ventura polygraph test
finda a polygraph test in Oxnard California Use a polygraph test if a DCSF complaint was made.

polygraph tst Anaheim

A FREE 4-page written report can be available same-day OR
you can quietly watch the exam:
you choose!

lie-detection tests on TV are real Our lie-detector reports have been used in court!

schedule a polygraph test Monday through Sunday in Beverly Hills  lie-detector testing for the public

Polygraph examinations in North Hollywood and Van Nuyslie-detection test in Pasadena California

818 883-6969 Producers use our experience for their must-sell TV pilot episodes!

Moorpark California lie-detector test

Actual Superior
  judge ordered polygraph testing   Court judges
have ordered persons to be polygraphed by us!

818 883-6969   Call for polygraph questions and answers Be sure testing is done on a computerized polygraph!

polygraph examination by John Grogan Soberlink false-positive? Polygraph testing is available.

We have been conducting polygraph examinations since the
1980s Polygraph testing.

Call 818 883-6969 for $145 test details and availability. School Board hearings have used our polygraph tests!

lie detector Culver City and Santa Monica

A popular option:
How only we help to make polygraph
test reports more secure against fraud
(yes, we know that other polygraph examiners will now try to use our style!)

photo of a Los Angeles polygraph test examinee  A photograph of the person tested  photo of a person taking a polygraph exam in Los Angeles
can optionally be inserted into the report for undisputable ID.

--Always request if your lie-detection test is for a DCSF matter
(Department of Children & Family Services)

(The polygraph ID photos above were face-censor-barred here to provide privacy;
they are not face-censor-barred if optionally inserted into polygraph test report.)

Very very few examiners have as much experience as we do.
Almost thirty years of experience, more than 7000 exams.

  polygraph test San Clemente  By far the most experienced polygraph examiner in Los Angeles polygraph test Reseda

In fact, many 'Lie-detection professionals' lie about their experience!

Many who have owned polygraph equipment for, let's say, 12 years,
tell you that they have 12 years of experience. It's an outright lie.

Yep, they have had the equipment a dozen years.
But during that time many only did one exam per month--
that is a dozen months worth of experience, not years.

7000+ exams experience.  polygraph test Oceanside  29 years of experience.

John Grogan polygraph examiner in Los Angeles   pass or fail in a Los Angeles lie-detector testing Administrative Hearings have used our polygraph exams!

Want to be a cop in Los Angeles? You must pass a polygraph test first!

If you apply to be a law enforcement officer in California,
you must pass a polygraph test or you won't he hired!

That is how accurate polygraph exams are.

Santa Monica lie detector exam

lie-detector Summerland             lie-dtector Montecito

QUESTION: What is the
#1 lie that polygraph examiners tell
to potential clients on the phone?

ANSWER: How long the actual polygraphing will take.

So you don't choke when you hear their high price-quotes,
some polygraph examiners try to be tricky by telling you:

"Your polygraph test will take up to two hours or so."

lie-detector test Carpenteria  or lie-detection polygraph San Luis Obispo ?

The truth they don't want you to know:
No matter where, the person being polygraphed will be
ON THE POLYGRAPH answering the Yes or No
questions for only 3 FIVE-MINUTE PERIODS.

Most of the rest of the 'two hours or so' time: is just talk.

Many examiners hide the real (short) time it will take.

Some examiners feel you will be disgusted by their price quote
if you knew that the actual polygraphing (when the arm is being
squeezed by a blood-pressure cuff)
time is actually so little.

It's so much faster with modern computerized polygraph equipment.
Old-style polygraph instruments took a lot longer,
having to continually adjust paper, fix ink problems,
and constant scribbling of notes on the paper.

The longest part of a polygraph test is the 'talk time'.
It is assisting you to write what 3 or 4 questions you want asked.

Experienced examiners instead have you think about,
and write down, your questions before you arrive,
and will help you make them perfect when you arrive.

VALUABLE SECRET: The half-hour or more of thinking you
put into the questions you write at home equals a half-hour
or more reduced time you need to be at the examiner's office.

You will be done in an hour with your relationship polygraph test if
you have your 1-to-4 questions on a piece of paper before you come in.

818 883-6969   Call for polygraph questions and answers

Remember watching our TV episodes?!

Los angeles polygraph availability
weekend lie detector testing in Los Angeles

You've seen our work of fact-verification polygraph tests
fact-verification polygraph tests fot tabloid magazines
for entertainment magazines available nationwide

polygraph test Compton

Have you seen our work on talk-shows?
Including: Jimmy Kimmel - Adam Carolla-
- Chelsea Handler - Sally Jesse Raphael -
- Home and Family - Leeza - The Test -
- Tyra Banks- The Real - Wendy Williams -
and more!
Seen on TV was a polygraph examiner who could not determine if the
person who had been tested was telling the truth or was telling a lie.
Known as an 'Inconclusive', that usually comes from using antique equipment
instead of computerized, or from not having enough real-word experience.
Producers rushed us in to do a valid re-testing of the same examinee.
We were able to clearly give accurate results as to the truthfulness.

discount testing for polygraph tests We have tested in state prisons, jails, and state mental hospitals!

Did you know that the day's temperature can affect polygraph results?

Warm/hot days can cause
lie detection exam Venice CA mild dehydration.

Drinking plenty of water in the 2 hours before the test can stop dehydration.

Without knowing it, you can quietly lose more sweat in a few
hours than all the water you took in during the past 24 hours.

This moisture-loss affects the most important tracing, EDA.

take a polygraph test in Marina Del Rey< EDA fingertip moisture changes is the green line

Dehydration = greatly reduced polygraph accuracy.

Experienced examiners know the two methods
to deal with examinees who are dehydrated.

818 883-6969

Very few California polygraph examiners
have had their exams have been used in court.

We have. Many lie about this, so ask for proof!

caselaw for use of Los Angeles polygraph tests for legal proceedingsAs evidence in court, polygraph in Los Angeles is available admitting polygraph as evidence in Los Angeles area courtrooms We are the behind-the-scenes 'Technical Consultant' for TV shows!

Need a lie detection test in Rialto

discount polygraph tst in los angelessave money on a polygraph test in L.A.a discounted price on an L.A. lie-detector tsting Our tests have been used in nationwide TV commercials!

We assist thePublic defenders can telephone John Grogan for polygraph testingindigent clients
of Public Defenders

John Grogan polygraph Hollywood

It's not just new polygraph clients who visit our website each day.

Thanks to IP Visit Tracking, we also see many visits from

lie detector exam Laguna Beach other polygraph examiners!

They hear that they lose jobs every day to our better prices and experience.

818 883-6969

Your tax dollars have improved polygraph for more than 60 years!

1986-  lie-detector test in Rancho Cucamonga -2006               2007-lie-detector test Chino-now

Our Federal Government's polygraph research center has
continually made polygraph more accurate for about 60 years.

All Federal examiners attend classes there.

For about 35 years it was known
as the US Army Polygraph School.
Then for about 20 years it was known as
Dod-PI, Department of Defense Polygraph Institute.
For a few years, it next became DACA,
Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment

For this entire decade, it is known as NCCA,
National Center for Credibility Assessment

Accuracy and sensitivity is incredible now--
watch the polygraph screen as the test is done.

818 883-6969   Call for polygraph questions and answers

Anonymous callers make
'I will give you extra money you help me pass' bribe offers every week.

Cheaters in a relationship try to bribe lie-detector people

Some Examiners say OK.
So, if you are the client, don't trust an exam unless you watch it.
Watching from an adjoining room allows you to see and hear all. We have tested for local, state and Federal matters!

polygraph training Los Angelespolygraph academy Los Angeleslearn lie-detection

polygraph training California

polygraph detects tuth or deception in Los Angelestruth or lie test in Los AngelesWhen you need to prove the truth, call John Grogan for a polygraph We have proved in court that
other Examiners did not follow Federal guidelines!

In Los Angeles, polygraph exams are less than $200
No need to pay mor than $195 for a Los Angeles polygraph testing

818 883-6969 We test for criminal - military - civil court cases!

Promoting the CBS television show
film polygraph test for Los Angeles TVpolygraphs at great prices in Los Angeles
'The Test' with its host Kirk Fox TV shows require our extreme credibility due to millions watching!

Professionals Lowest price on a Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley polygraph testOnly Did you see our tests on 'Gene Simmons' Family Jewels'?!

Polygraphs on Los Angeles reality TV shows are often done off-camera   Catalina Island polygraph test

Milo Speriglio does lie detectionLie-detection professor Milo SperiglioMilo Speriglio taught lie-detectingwell-known polygrapher and detective Milo Speriglio

Thanks to you, M, polygraph was the right choice.

We provide polygraph props for TV filming         We film polygraph tests in Los Angeles We do testing for military personnel
who have failed urine tests and are now accused of drug use!

lie detector in Anaheim Californiasome polygraph examiners will never be bribedwhen polygraph changd from analog to computerized

We look so young
in 1990's where to get a polygraph exam near Laguna Beachpolygraph Leeza episodes!
There is a well-known TV family that has used lie-detection on their show.
We couldn't test for their show-- because we do their real-life polygraph tests!

818 883-6969   Call for polygraph questions and answers

An undercover TV actor was unable to trick our polygraph examiner!

lie-detector testing for the public in the Los Angeles area We have tested for parole and probation cases & violations!

How a polygraph test works in the Los Angeles area We have testified in military court separation hearings!

discount lie-detector test in Los Angeles area Honest Los Angeles polygraph examiners can arrange for you to quietly watch the entire testpolygraph price list

How about another secret that many
polygraph examiners don't want you to know?

You need to know that most 'mobile' polygraph examiners are usually part-timers
without enough polygraph work enough to cover the cost of having a real office.

They are 'mobile' because polygraph is a just part-time hobby for them.

Against standards, some Pomona lie-detector testing will have you go to their home.
Mobile, most really work out of their Ontario lie-detector test trunk with no office of their own.

Some claim to have an office but will talk you into doing the test at your home.
Verify the address of their 'office': often it is a mail-box place or a motel!

Another lie told often by an examiner or two to callers:
"Yes, come to my polygraph office".
But when you get to the address, it's actually just a '$50 an hour rental room'!
Only part-timers and beginners used those 'cheap hourly suites'.

Polygraph training strongly instructs that testing should NOT be at a home.

Have testing at an examiner's office
only if it's really that examiner's office.

lie-detection in Fontana CA   

For nearly 30 years we have had real polygraph offices.

818 883-6969 Our polygraph reports have been in State and Federal courts!

Actual Superior   judge ordered polygraph testing   Court judges
have ordered jails and prisons to allow us to come in
and do testing on persons in-custody or incarcerate

Polygraph Beverly Hills John Grogan We see a couple of examiners listing that they did TV shows that
they did not. They were interviewed, but producers chose not to use them and then
instead used us. They know they weren't hired but say they 'were consultants'!

polygraph test in La Crescenta   Know why some polygraph test Sylmar   
polygraph examiners ask for much higher prices?

polygraph test San Fernando  Because their polygraph school told them to!  polygraph test Culver City

When people are looking for a career or a second career,
some choose to attend a 10-week polygraph trade school because
when schools are asked what the earning potential is, schools tell them
"You can and should charge the same amount that attorneys
charge after spending four years in law school

Unless you make more than $300 an hour, our price is polygraph test Inglewood.

Be tested by the polygraph examiner
who won the lie-detector contest!

polygraph discount price Los Angeles   How to get lowest price on a polygraph test in Los Angeles

Three experts were given the chance to see if they could tell when two
professional poker players were telling the truth or if they were bluffing.

The FBI behavior analyst expert could not tell.
The body language expert could not tell.
But our polygraph examiner was able to easily spot when they were bluffing!

CERTIFIED Bilingual Computerized 'Lie Detection' Testing for

  • Personal, relationship, family issues, infidelity,
    immigration/asylum, school/academic, youth/teen
  • All civil and criminal, including theft, robbery,
    vandalism, abuse, drugs, SCRAM anklet false-positives
  • PCSOT, sex offender, SVP, parole and probation,
    CONREP, military, LifeStyle/FullScope

    Los Angeles polygraph examination certified examiner    Polygraph John Grogan Testing can be CONFIDENTIAL (no names needed)!

    We protect the public from fraudulent examiners- overpriced examiners- inexperienced examiners!

GUARANTEED best rates on computerized polygraph examinations, from the busiest examiner in the county! We said NO to the polygraph 'price-fixing scheme'!

lie-detection in Los Angeles

Find a polygraph near me los angeles   los angeles county polygraph Do testing before making an money investment or a partnership!

lie-detection immigration asylum

If you need a polygraph test for an immigration matter, CLICK HERE

Our polygraph reports have been used many times
to assist Federal judges in immigration court.

It's your choice!

A.quietly watch the polygraph exam -or-  B. writtem polygraph report no charge for a written polygraph report  
Either A. watch the test as it occurs, or B. a free written report! Police agencies pay less than $200 to have their
applicants tested-- so why do Examiners try to charge you more?!

Public polygraph testing by John Grogan Polygraph in Los AngelesSee a Los Angeles polygraph test conducted live by John Grogan polygraph We have been required to arrive at locations to
do proper testing where other Examiners were unable to do it right!

california polygraph los angeles

polygraph in NY Times

818 883-6969 We are also certified for 'voice-stress testing',
so we can show you why real polygraph is a far better choice for you!

Hired by the
watch polygraph tests on TV studios,
we did the in-person promotional
polygraph testing for this popular TV show! You've seen our polygraph assistance on
action-shows such as 'CSI: New York', 'Lie To Me', and 'NCIS'!

Is someone being accused of academic cheating?

lie-detector test in Santa Monica   polygraph test Santa Monica California
A computerized lie-detector test should be requested.

(Two old videos about low-priced lie-detection examinations)

ventura polygraph exam for TV We have tested for many Federal Immigration Court matters!

celebrity polygraph testing los angeles beverly hillsDo you need a lie-detector test in Los Angeles?

marijuana dispensary polygraph test

If you need a polygraph test for an marijuana business matter, CLICK HERE

PCSOT Los Angeles

Do you need re-testing or a second opinion
of a sex offender polygraph testing?

second opinion on a PCSOT polygraph exam sex offender polygraph examination

In the last 5 years there was a big increase in polygraph examiners taking a
to become 'PCSOT examiners'. Many have little real-world experience-- and
many 'class instructors' have no real-world PCSOT experience themselves! We have
been protecting citizens for about thirty years by polygraph testing sexual offenders.

During the past decades, we have conducted such polygraph examinations:
-- inside state mental hospitals and prisons
--on many convicted Sexually Violent Predators
--for many counties and for the Department of Mental Health
--for Military JAG lawyers and for many therapists
--for Federal Probation and for court-appointed attorneys
--for many pro-per defendants
--for Public Defenders and for the in-custodys of many LE agencies

When an experienced fair & unbiased re-test is needed for a
Deception-Indicated PCSOT exam, here is why we are REAL choice:

e refused to participate in the easy-money PCSOT 'network' that
caused examiners from across the country to rush to California
to get 'on the referral list' for the 'easy cash gold rush' when scheduled testing
became required for certain offenders, so that we could provide neutral re-tests
(Otherwise, how likely is it that one 'network member' is going to
ever issue contrasting results from that of a fellow member?!)

We can provide a copy of the question guidelines by
the California Sex Offender Management Board.

We can assist in testing in support of obtaining Certificates of Rehabilitation
or testing in support of eliminating Requirements to Register.

We have been a Containment Model partner
for more clients than most others combined.

If you need a polygraph test for an sexual offender matter, CLICK HERE

rental source for lie-detector equipment

Both types are used in film projects:

cost of renting a polygraph
(older polygraph, noving pens, roll of moving chart paper)

for a tv production rent a polygraph
(modern computer polygraph, amplified, easier to use) We are the 'Relationship Polygraph' experts!

California Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

Arizona Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

New York Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

the public can be Los Angeles  polygraph tested for $145free Los Angeles polygraph consultation

Available at your location or at our offices

Experienced :: CERTIFIED :: Most Languages
Court Appointed and Recognized Expert
Traveling nationwide to serve you!
More than 7000 completed examinations

Male and Female Certified Polygraph Examiners
Remote-monitoring available by live-video;
options include videotaping of the examination

Polygraph Woodland Hills and Polygraph Los Angeles available all 7 days

Most important: 29 years of experience!

Also available:
Voice Stress Analysis / Layered Voice Analysis;
micro-expression, body-language; MRI/fMRI;
oculomotor measurement deception detection:
eye pupil diameter increase, dwell time, 
and eye-movement / eye-tracking;
neurolinguistic testing; statement analysis; 
concealed emotion; and PPG-Plethysmograph

Sales - Service - Training - Support
Respected affiliates in all major cities 
Polygraph Innocence Project
Immigration Credibility Assessment

experienced polygraph examiner in Los Angeles

Days, Nights, Weekends: Reasonable Rates-
no additional cost for nights or weekends;
no charge for a written report
OR you can
watch the examination live: you choose!

get a polygraph test in Canoga Park or Woodland Hills

Public polygraph tests in Los Angeles

Also Farsi, Spanish, Korean,
Russian, and Hebrew Polygraphs

Credibility Assessment Specialist

most televised polygraph examiner

Administering only those polygraph
techniques approved by all four: 
Polygraph Examiners of America,
American Polygraph Academy,
US Government Polygraph Institute,
and American Polygraph Association
Public polygraph testing in Los Angeles for low cost
VERY ACTIVE member of many state
and national lie-detection organizations

John Grogan and Associates - California Lie Detection - Polygraph Services, Training and Lectures

818 883-6969

schedule a polygraph exam in Los Angeles

Polygraph examinations can be
conducted  at your location,
or at our polygraph locations,
and we also cover these areas:

Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Buena Park, 
Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Aliso Viejo, Irvine,
Costa Mesa, Laguna Niguel, Redondo Beach, Pomona polygraph,
Santa Monica, Pasadena, Glendale polygraph, Burbank, BelAir,
Polygraph Woodland Hills, San Jose CA; Beverly Hills, Redding CA
Los Angeles, Hollywood, Needles, California; San Diego,
Rancho Cucamonga polygraph test, Alta Loma lie-detector,
Newport Beach, Redondo Beach, San Juan Capistrano,
Santa Clarita, Van Nuys, Valencia, Newhall,Merced polygraph,
Hollywood, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Moorpark,
Northridge, Port Hueneme, Simi Valley polygraph, Camarillo, Ojai,
Torrance, Long Beach, San Francisco, Sacramento, Benicia,
La Crescenta, Palmdale, Lancaster, Malibu, Canoga Park;
Glendora, La Canada, Ontario, West Covina, Burlingame, 
Inglewood polygraph test, San Fernando Valley polygraph,
Vntura, Downey, Long Beach, Topanga, Pacific Palisades, BelAir;
Inyo County, Lone Pine, Bishop, Shoshone, Independence;
Shafter & Bakersfield polygraph
; Boise & Coeur d'Alene Idaho;
Riverside CA polygraph; San Bernardino polygraph test;
Pittsburgh, Erie, Stroudsburg, Philadelphia, and Reading PA;
New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Brooklyn,
Long Island, Syracuse, Albany, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon,
Queens, Manhattan, Schenectady, NYC, and Utica NY
Hawaii polygraph, Kihei polygraph, Maui polygraph;
Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way, Vancouver, and Spokane WA;
Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island,
Baltimore, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Hagerstown Maryland;
Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Athens, Warner Robins,
Canton, Agusta, Conyers, Marietta, and Roswell Georgia;
Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Hockessin, and Glasgow Delaware;
Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, and Mexico.

Polygraph 25 years20 YearsHow to find a polygraph examination in Los Angeles area for lowest price 
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Honoring some passed examiners
who were respected and will be missed:
Milo Speriglio
Nick Savastano
Jamie Skeeters
Ron Decker
Patrick Foy
Tom Ezell
Cleve Backster
Rest In Peace, Gentlemen.

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