Polygraph test Sacramento

Sacramento lie detection for Elk Grove CA

A polygraph works by
viewing microscopic
changes to blood,
sweat and breathing
as a person answers
Yes or No questions

$195 and up

Polygraph is the most
accurate credibility tool

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More than
35 years of

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polygraph test Sacramento CA

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It's less than
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to expect
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polygraph test
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If an examiner doesn't list their price
and their 'Exams Completed' count
clearly on their website, RUN:
an experienced examiner would
always have both listed there.

There are 'pretenders'
with little training or
experience that can
actually ruin your life.

We have more than 35 years
of polygraph experience and
have tested more than
11,000 persons.

As trained professionals,
we have current computerized
polygraph equipment with the
most updated software.

You can expert polygraph testing in Sacramento and Roseville choose!

Beware of the novices
that are learning
as they are testing you!

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Instant Results

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Most common type of
polygraph test in
Sacramento and Elk Grove:
relationship polygraph

Sacramento lie detector test

Sacramento polygraph
test service available
7 days per week

818 883-6969

No charge for a confidential consultation by phone

$195 and up

Sacramento CA lie detector test
lie detector exam in Sacramento Calif

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Sacramento Orangevale polygraph test

So unlike some Sacramento
examiners who want to
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great polygraphs in Sacramento
We are available 7 days
as to fit YOUR schedule.

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