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Since polygraph is fully computerized now, it's the same everywhere. What you pay doesn't change the accuracy or how many questions are going to be asked.

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80% of polygraph testing in Los Angeles is for relationship infidelity (a person cheating in a relationship). Then there are also theft polygraph tests and others for various disputes.

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In California you can not become a police officer without passing a computerized lie-detector test.

The public can have a Los Angeles polygraph test conducted for $143
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polygraph examination in Los Angeles

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lie-detector test in Los Angeles

You can remove doubts by using a Los Angeles polygraph examination. You can write up to four questions which will be the basis of the examination. In many cases it can be arranged for the client to quietly monitor the exam.

How a Los Angeles polygraph works

The person taking the Los Angeles polygraph test answers a standardized 10-question script of ten Yes or No questions that include up to four questions written by the client. The computerized polygraph instrument is collecting microscopic changes at four points of the person's body-- usually at the stomach, chest left arm and right hand. Visit for the exact polygraph details!